best idea, your great but im gonna spinkick you at either beartooth or mcm expo but properly both

dragond4nce said: OI OI WORBZ GET IN LAD

you are the only dumb little shit teir weeb for me tho

Anonymous: "Oh realllllllly"

really really i guess

Anonymous: "That's so great! Well apart from the it not being your choice thing... I'm so jealous! I'd love to stay ;)"

well i properly be living on my own so company would be nice!!

Anonymous: "You're getting a flat?!?!?"

WELL… im moving out soon (not really my own choice) so yeah sort of, properly like a studio apartment not a full on flat but you know 

oh-kirito: "i'm worbz, i hate myself, yet i'm better than everyone, 2 years ago i swore to never listen to vocaloid, and made jokes and ridiculed hipsters, well... look at me now (Y)"

mate this is going on the wall of my new flat 

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Hey I'm worbz or well Andrew Worboys if we are going my real name, 20,Chelmsford/Essex/England , this blog is just a giant cluster fuck of anime ( and i mean alot of anime), manga, rock/alternative/hardcore music, Nintendo/other video games, the odd pit of pop culture stuff and crap about me since that's why you are here of course. Or you just streetpassed me or something or just seen me rant and tagged it. So yeah i don't know follow me? to top image lost nerd(s)